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"Architecture is like a piece of Frozen music"

Mission Statement

The Composium Group is a residential design firm catering to all types of cliental ranging from new home construction, residential remodels and commercial tenant improvements. We are based in the greater San Diego area with projects from South bay San Diego to the Temecula Valley. Our goal is to give the client a creative design solution that fits within their construction budget while exploring fresh ideas lead by the owners architectural program.

Our idealogy is simple "Every project is important. Design each architectural space with passion regardless of the scope, size or complexity." Whether it' s a residential remodel, new home or a commercial tenant improvement every design starts with the clients needs and ends with a complete design composition.

Our staff uses the latest technology during the course of the design process and drafting of the project. Using the right tools insures the client understand their project. Whether it's a 3D drawing during a preliminary review or CAD drawings during construction our projects maintain a high level of accuracy.


Each project deserves a fresh start....a new spirit. Trying to find the spirit of a project is a journey that the client and designer take through the process of design. Though the architectural vernacular may be clear the composition can take time to evolve and process.  


Finding an unexpected idea during the design phase is very exciting. Our best ideas have come through taking a chance, exploring fresh architectural ideas and acting on them.


Even though we search for new ideas the structure, or tools, of how we approach a project is precise and disciplined. Geometry, light, balance, axis, color, alignment, rhythm, texture, layers are ways to create order and justification of space.

"Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness."
-- Frank Gehry --



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