Composium Group Architects

Composium Group Architects

"Influencing How We Live Through the Power of Design"

The Composium Group is an architectural firm specializing in residential and commercial design. We are based in the Greater San Diego area with projects from North County to South Bay through the Temecula Valley areas.

It is our goal to provide our clients with a creative design solution that exhibits fresh architectural ideas.

Attention: We are now licensed in the state of Hawaii.


Each project deserves a fresh start....a new spirit. Trying to find the spirit of a project is a journey that the client and architect take together through the process of design. Though the architectural vernacular may be clear the overall scope and composition of a project can take time to evolve and grow. 


Finding an unexpected idea during the design phase is very exciting. Our best ideas have come through taking a chance, exploring fresh architectural ideas and acting on them.


Even though we search for new ideas the structure, or tools, of how we approach a project is precise and disciplined. Geometry, light, balance, axis, color, alignment, rhythm, texture, layers are ways to create order and justification of space.


A Sustainable design (ECO design) approach has become a standard in the design community. CGA can offer sustainable ideas such as reducing negative environmental impact, minimize waist and create a healthy and comfortable building environment. The state of California has developed CALgreen building standards to guide design to a more green way of building. CALGreen is California’s first green building CODE and first in the nation state-mandated green building code. It's a better way to build and live.

“Architecture is like a Piece of frozen music” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe